Democ360 is a suite of software products that augment a Representative Democracy.  It offers the ability to have a voluntary plebiscite on every bill at a fraction of the cost of a true compulsory plebiscite.

The results from the myOpinion apps are presented to the politician as non-binding information.  The member can see the scope of their electorate that are using the app, the proportion of those that have expressed an opinion as well as the live presentation as to the electorates views on each bill.  The system is not a precursor to a direct democracy model, rather, the software presents to the politician an active pulse of their electorate, that they have the fortune to represent.

Democ360 does not open the door for a dialog directed from the members of the electorate to the political figure, instead it collects only the electorates opinions of the bills as currently tabled.  There is means for the politician to display educational and supportive reasonings for their particular stance on a bill – by way of web based links to information but there is no chat or messaging service built in – nor will there be.

myOpinion, the app for the people, is free; without advertising and without any click bait – this will always be the case.  Privacy is paramount and means are included to ensure there is no relating a vote to an individual, nor can an individuals device be examined to see how someone has voted on a bill.  There are also measures in place to allow for multiple device usage by an individual, whilst only registering a single vote on the bill.

All software is produced without any affiliation or allegance to any political, government or corporate entity.